A:We are a manufacturer based in Guangzhou, China, starting from 2007. Our products have traveled all over the world.

A:Our products have been exported to more than 100 countries, a professional team will provide you with the after-sales services.

We can assign engineers to install equipment locally in order to save your worry of not knowing the installation process.

A:Our machine meet the CE and ISO 9001 standard. Our company has three cheif engineers and 15 full-time R & D staff who are with more than 10-year basic researches on reverse osmosis applications.

A:Generally, it needs about 10-30 days. The exact time depends on your quantity.


1) Raw water condition: Water Quality Analysis Report / TDS

2)Raw water source: Tap water, groundwater, seawater, or river water etc.

3)What does water use for: Drinking water, domestic water, breeding, irrigation, printing and dyeing,  , cosmetics, etc.

4) Quantity: How many do you need for water treatment machine.


1) First you need to tell us what your source of raw water is.

2) It is better to provide a raw water quality report

3) What kind of water quality requirements should be achieved.

4) How many liters per hour does a desalination plant need?

A:Reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration, commonly referred to as RO and UF, use membrane technology. The reverse osmosis system uses a semipermeable membrane that separates 99.99% of inorganic dissolved material from the water molecule. The ultrafiltration system uses a hollow fibre membrane to stop solid debris and microscopic contaminants. UF is a mechanical filter, but it can filter water down to the superfine level of 0.01 micron, hence the name ultrafiltration. Ultrafiltration is a filter system, while reverse osmosis is a process where molecules are separated.

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